Delivery Tracking for Parts Distributors.

JDispatch is a mobile delivery tracking and signature capture app aimed at the automotive, heavy duty and industrial parts distribution market. This is a unique industry, with constant deliveries, pick-ups and collections. With over 40 years experience providing technology solutions to Automotive, Heavy Duty and Industrial parts suppliers, we understand the problems you face, and JDispatch addresses them.

The JDispatch app comes bundled with COUNTERPOINT® or can integrate with your current ERP system via our public API. The mobile application, in tandem with the web-based dashboard, allows you to efficiently dispatch deliveries and quickly capture digital signatures at the time of delivery. No losing paperwork, no second-guessing where your drivers are. Call us today to see how JDispatch and/or COUNTERPOINT® can help you.

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Amazing Features

Here are just a few ways JDispatch can help you.

Signature Capture

Easily capture digital signatures.

Vehicle Tracking

See where your vehicles are in real-time

Go Green

No need for duplicate invoice copies

Optimal Routes

Automatically optimize delivery routes.

Gain Insight

Easily download delivery performance detail.

Easy Integration

Straight forward API for use.

Data Not Required

Automatic 'batch mode' fail-over

Do it All

Deliveries, Pick-ups, Returns.


Screenshots of the JDISPATCH Mobile App


The benefits and insights provided by the JDISPATCH dashboard.


Easy Data Analysis

Quickly gain insights into your delivery performance through the standard dashboard KPIs, or dig deep by downloading detailed delivery information. From the time the order is placed, to the time the signature is captured, we keep track of more than just delivery times.


Full Integration

We offer a fully integrated, modular Jobber Point-of-Sale system that bundles JDispatch with any term agreement. Or, if you are not currently in the market for a new POS, our API will allow full integration with your current system.



Like to keep on top of things? The JDISPATCH dashboard KPIs can be emailed to you on a nightly basis, and are stored for future reference. Quickly spot trends at a glance.


No need For Paper

The JDISPATCH dashboard keeps records of all signatures taken by your delivery drivers, and provides simple queries for you to access them at a later date if needed. Integrated? Well, we pass the signature back to you for merger with your local invoices.

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Latest News

The latest release information about JDispatch

4 Apr 2015

JDispatch is launched with it's first major customer, Altrom Group, utilizing vehicle tracking and digital signature capture in over 100 vehicles across Canada.

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28 Jul 2017
JDISPATCH V3.1 Launches

JDispatch V3 introduces a modernized look and feel for our mobile app and many enhancements to our dashboard, including the ability to assign supplier part pickups and customer return collections.

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23 Dec 2019
JDISPATCH V3.3 Launches

This release includes real-time smooth scrooling driver location map for our Premium users as well as driver alert reporting..

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01 Dec 2016

In an effort to allow a broader group of parts distributors access to our delivery app, we are pleased to announce the release of our public API. Simple integration with your current ERP can allow you to seamlessly dispatch deliveries right from your Point-of-Sale system, while still utilizing the full-featured web based JDispatch dashboard and app.

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12 Jun 2019

Focused on security and performance, JDISPATCH V3.2 is released. Both the dashboard and mobile applications have also received core system updates to all internal modules. With this version, we are also building the foundation for more exciting releases that can be expected in the coming months.

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2 Jun 2021

The latest JDispatch mobile release includes a complete overhaul of the GPS monitoring routines, providing more precise location tracking, and less battery usage./p> Call us to learn more

Pricing Plan

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  • Signature Capture
  • Driver Directions
  • Dashboard Access
  • Metered GPS Updates


$7month per device
  • Realtime GPS Updates
  • Route Optimization
  • P.O.S. Integration
  • API Access


$25month per device
  • ODBII Dongle
  • Vehicle Warnings
  • Driver Reportcard
  • Fleet Maintenance